On top of the mountain

Due to the Purim holiday, this school week was cut short in order to accommodate the awaiting festivities. As dawn broke once the festivities in HaKfar HaYarok finished at 5 a.m. we ended the school day and were dismissed from the next day’s classes. That night Eng, Max, and I traveled with Roy and his father up the mountain in Kfar Uriah to relax for the extended weekend that followed Purim.

At the top of the Mountain things feel different. Upon arrival we were greeted by his three adorable sisters and welcoming mother who immediately made us feel at home. Even after all the food available at Purim, our eyes could not help but widen at the assortment of food that was set before us. But I mustn’t dare start talking about food, because if I was too go into detail this article may never end.

In the backyard of the Keinan house the view is incredible. Standing outside all of Israel is visible. In daylight the various towns can be seen as you swivel your head right to left, and back again. During the night a light show appears and each town lights up the darkness. If you lay on the trampoline the stars above can be seen clearly, so pretty that I want to do nothing but lay there forever absorbing the picture perfect scene above.

Through the entirety of the extended vacation all aspects of tranquility were in place. Each day consisted of sleeping late, eating unlimited amounts of food, and relaxed studying. The time spent away from Kfar was a nice break from the stress that surrounds the village due to the constant presence of IB. Of course it will come to an end but short breaks throughout studying have always shown to be beneficial in the long run.

The memory of the mountain will remain for a long time coming. The essence of the house and the surrounding area are the epitome of a relaxing weekend out. As an IB student sometimes the stress can squeeze into your mind and overtake the logical thinking we all possess. Every once in a while vacations from the constant studying are required. And we must thank Purim for the opportunity to restore ourselves against the battle with IB.

Written by Emily Perotti

Edited by Eng Ea

Cross edited by Alisa Sophia Rasch



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