The Months Go By in the Blink of an Eye

“Each day feels like a week, and each week feels like a day.”

We manage to fit in so much every day: countless hours in class, three meals with snacks in between, a social life, CAS activities, homework, and sleep. Before my head hits the pillow to say good night, I reflect on everything I have accomplished in the past day. I think to myself: “Wow, it’s amazing I was able to get all of this done today.”

I check my watch. 11:23 p.m. Not bad! Without meaning to, I also notice that today is the 28th of February.

In some ways it feels like just yesterday that I was in the United States, anxiously awaiting my return to Israel. I was here for five weeks the previous summer, and fell in love with the country, realizing that I was my happiest self when I was here. I felt thrilled for this amazing opportunity to come to Israel to study for two years while in high school.

Now, looking back, it’s unbelievable that exactly six months have passed. The time has gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe it’s because it feels like summer throughout the year compared to the long winter in northeastern United States, thus lacking a visible change in the seasons, a visual indicator of the passing time. But somehow, I am still in disbelief at how fast the clock is ticking.

The concept of time is something that I have grappled with for quite a while now. I realized that when you want time to go quickly, it goes slowly, and on the contrary, when you want it to slow down, it seems to speed up. The Fridays that we commemorate to Shabbat go by rapidly, signaling a new week approaching, as well as the time that has already passed. This helps me reflect on how I have changed in the past six months:

I have learned to challenge conventions,

Adopted a true appreciation for literature and film,

Learned how to speak Hebrew,

Discovered a new level of independence,

Seen the world in a new light,

Discussed world issues in the face,

Attempted to find solutions to those issues,

Made friends from around the world,

And realized that every moment is sacred, as time goes too quickly.

Written by Hannah Cook

Edited by Tom Sagiv

Copy Edited by Emily Perotti


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