Sustainable Fashion: “Interviews with EMIS students”

Q1: How do you think this workshop helped you connect with the school motto working towards sustainability?

Maria T: “The idea itself of repairing clothes that we do not like or do not make use of is extremely sustainable. Preferred to buying clothes made from new materials which causes  further waste of resources, we repair them into something entirely new; with some creativity and help in recycling the fabric of the old one. 

On a larger scale, this could lead to major recycling of fabric cloth materials; the current production level does not consider the amount of resources wasted. In successfully teaching this to the students of EMIS Ms.Lisa D, our amazing coordinator and fashion designer managed to bring us into this mission of caring about the environment and resources in the fashion industry.

We have been given the wonderful opportunity to see how sustainability applies to an area which we never thought of.  We learnt how to apply it and to look for it in said places. If the future of some of us lays in the fashion industry, then they will know how to promote sustainability in it, and teach themselves for the future. Personally, this workshop made me realize how fun sustainability is, and it is in no way the thing it is awfully portrayed sometimes.


Q2: How has this workshop changed the way you view the fashion industry and sustainability?

Zuzanna Mieloch: “This workshop showed me that the modern world is too economized. We have to pay more attention to the things we can reuse because we have so many supplies and shouldn’t buy new clothes often.  We have the chance to really change them up. The company and the idea that Ms.Lisa started with up-cycling and recycling clothes is just brilliant. It gives us much more space for improvements, creativity, as well as saving the resources that are so valuable right now.”


Q3: What was the most useful tool you learnt from this workshop?

Peter Mangi: “The most useful tool that we learnt from this workshop was how to recycle old clothes that we do not make use of anymore. It is a pivotal tool since we usually throw away clothes and keep buying new ones. Therefore, you keep consuming and giving in to the consumer culture.  It is very beneficial to learn how to recycle our clothes. Furthermore, we gain something that is pretty and created by our own hands. It gives you more confidence which can aid you in many other aspects of your life.“


Q4: How can you apply what you learnt during this workshop to your life?

Emily Perotti: “With increased knowledge about how sustainable forces can be implemented through clothing, I now know that there are many other things you can do rather than throwing away your clothes when they don’t fit, you don’t like them, or you have issues with them.  You can either donate them, pass them down to family, or one that is very important, as we have learnt in this workshop, is to reuse and up-cycle your clothing. We learnt many techniques that I hope to use in the future”


Q5: What was the best moment of this workshop for you?

Dana Hassan: “Actually, there are many incredible things I achieved in this workshop but honestly the catwalk was amazing. The people there, the audience, they were truly incredible. I also feel really confident now. I feel like my passion for  fashion has tremendously increased from before. “

Waleed Habib: “Obviously, the catwalk… The most memorable thing was the energy that was there, the people, how we were able to do all this in 2 days. It was just fun and happy. The audience was also really amazing.”

Interviews conducted by: Eng Sou Ea

Edited by: Peter Mangi

Copy edited by: Emily Perotti


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