Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

The music starts blasting from a speaker just 100 feet away. Model number one struts down the runway, face stoic and walk impeccable.

Working with Mrs. Lisa allowed for the minds of the twenty something EMISers to open their creativity and allow for ideas once unimagined to come to life. As a fashion designer herself with the fashion brand Lisa D. for over 30 years, the accomplishments of this amazing woman are hard to best. Not only has she her own fashion line, but also created alongside other individuals a studio named “Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt” which roughly translates to wear it until it is in tatters.

The workshop of two days allowed for students to learn the basics in design and up cycling as the term has been coined. Various techniques including sewing by hand and with a machine, the cutting of material to make new patterns, and printing were among the most popular to give clothing a new look that would find more function in each person’s closet. The constant idea that clothing can be changed to better fit the needed function allowed for students to start taking into consideration how their economic shopping frenzies affect the environment.

As the second day continued, students were informed that a fashion show would occur in order to show off all the new items that had been given new life. Sitting at a large combined table where everyone could hear each other, everyone presented their pieces allowing for group conclusion on the fashion show lineup. As the designs were chosen the show was set into action, with all the needed materials gathered by various students to bring the show to life.

With the “runway” set, the lovely sound volunteer that helped with the music was given the specific instructions, and with everyone ready to walk with their outfits, everything began with a whirl. Model after model strutted down our makeshift runway giving all they got with the clothes they had constructed just the day before. With whoops, whistles, screams, and cheers, and the accompaniment of Uptown Funk and Scream and Shout in the background, the fashion show ended as all the students walked once more together down the stage.

With high applause and flawless execution (no one fell!) the show ended a happy success. Pictures and group hugs followed as or time with Lisa D. came to a close. I have high regard for all that Lisa has given us during this two day learning experience and I hope that everyone was able to attain just as an exceptional event as I did.

Written by: Emily Perotti

Edited by: Peter Mangi

Copy edited by: Maria Tirnovanu


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