ZZZ… weird name, great idea!

During the EMIS Sustainability Weekend (13-1March 2015), an organization called ZZZ came from Germany to give us a workshop. ZZZ stands for ZwischenZeitZentrale. Behind this weird German name of which I do not know the meaning, there is a new concept, a new idea.

Sourced from: http://www.aaa-bremen.de/assets/zzz-zwischenzeitzentrale-bremen-schlafende-haeuser-wecken-mit-zwischennutzungen/logo2.jpg 

According to the Production Team, the aim of this organisation is to find unused and empty spaces and to reuse them, to make them more attractive and to not waste any resources available. This is done in various ways, including; exhibitions, concerts, and workshops.


In my opinion, a hugely interesting component of their idea is the fact that the ZZZ organisation does not operate on the conventional definitions of sustainability. Essentially the motive of this group is allowing people to make their events in proper spaces that are not being used anymore. For example, if I want to make an event about sustainability, but I do not have a space, I can contact them and they will offer me a space to do it. Otherwise, I would not have a place to make my event. Or if I want to start a business, but I would like to test it first, I can find a place, test it, and then decide if I want to continue with the idea. This prevents the construction of new buildings for short-term projects and through this, saves a multitude of resources.

Sourced from: http://www.zzz-bremen.de/assets/blog/baselrobertwirrmanncc.jpg

It was very interesting to get to know about their idea, even though this concept might not be applicable outside the European Union. For instance, when I imagine trying to implement this idea in Brazil, there would be several complications due to the Brazilian Law and to the cultural and socioeconomic differences. Usually, when there is an abandoned building in my city, for example, poor people that live in the streets would take over the building in order to live there.


Although it would be hardly applicable in underdeveloped countries, getting to know more about different ideas might be helpful in the future. For me, the best thing about this Workshop is the fact that it exposed me to new ideas that I have never heard before.

Sourced from: http://www.aaa-bremen.de/assets/ImportedBlogspotImages/996191804489294342/_resampled/SetWidth440-ZZZ-pikto.jpg

If you would like to get to know more about this very interesting project, take a look on their documentation between 2009 and 2012.



There is also this video available in case you want to understand their idea better. https://vimeo.com/30786153

Written by Rodrigo Ferreira
Edited by Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe


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