Interviews with students about ZZZ

During the Sustainability workshop, I got a chance to talk to some students about the overall vibe of the workshop led by the ZZZ Organization. Thank you to all the interviewees that agreed to take part.

What do you think of ZZZ’s mission and of what they’re doing in their project, with relation to sustainability?

Aina: “It’s very important because we often see sustainability only related to things such as recycling and very superficial stuff, and we do not understand that it can also be something as basic as building a house.  This is the basis of sustainability in my opinion- taking what you already have and transforming it into something new with a different value. It showed how we can actually live sustainable and how the word has a much bigger meaning than just putting different colored trash into different colored trash cans.”

The majority of the organization’s projects are temporary and some of the buildings get demolished after a certain period of time. Do you have a suggestion or a method as to how they can make their projects more permanent and also more sustainable?

Carlos: “If the organization was one that would actually use the space more efficiently than just building a space it would be better. Perhaps if they did something more economically based rather than a cultural event, maybe then it would be sustained, something like encouraging a business to invest in the buildings- something that would be of monetary gain instead of a cultural meeting because then, the city would have something to invest in.  They spoke a lot about how they were supported by the Munich government and therefore, it would help.”

Do you think that the workshop of the organization, where they described their goals and projects could be something beneficial to the mission of EMIS?

Rodrigo: “I think that the organization works in a very specific place, Germany. But it would be very hard to spread it outside because the laws concerning ancient or abandoned buildings are different in various countries. What I think is good about their idea is not related to sustainability- the main goal of them for me is not sustainability but rather enabling people to make projects in places that already exist, allowing people to make their own events.”

Do you have any suggestion for their activity which you think could put more emphasis on sustainability?

Rodrigo: “I am not sure about their statistics about how many buildings are destroyed, but if the number of demolished buildings would decrease and there would be less of a need to build new ones, I think that will help them to be more sustainable.”

What were the most useful things that you have learned from their workshop with relevance to EMIS and how could it improve our campus?

Ya’ara: “We learned how to use spaces that aren’t used currently. They helped us recognize the aims that we wish to gain from the non-active areas of EMIS (for example our club), and then showed us how to design the areas that we wished to renovate based on our aims, to transform these areas from being abandoned into being beautiful and useful.”

Do you see the use and the importance of taking abandoned buildings and giving them temporary use? As a girl from Germany, do you also see and relate to the positive effects of what they are doing in your country?

Melissa: “Personally, when they introduced their project it was the first time I have heard of an organization like this. To me, it sounds like a good idea. I don’t think that it’s good to invest in new buildings when old buildings can be reused. But I don’t think that temporary use is very effective. They should use their assets constantly.”


Melissa: “For example, they showed us this building that will be turned into a Starbucks café and I think that they should revitalize the whole area and make it more efficient for people to go there instead of just renovating one building.”


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