To What Do You Rise

Due to the fact that for quite a few years now I have known that I wanted to concentrate more towards science than humanities as I continue my education, I have not had as much experience as others who have had the opportunities to take part in extracurricular programs including Model United Nations, Youth Parliaments, and the myriad of other youth conferences.

I have been lucky enough to be brought up by parents with intention for me to be well rounded. Last year I participated in Youth and Government, a YMCA organized youth program that allows some three to four thousand Californian students to quite simply take over the California capital in model legislature and court. This amazing experience gave me a voice and opinion in issues of national and international importance. It allowed me to realize that though I may be young I do have a voice, as I am sure other students have also discovered while participating in these youth programs.

The reason I bring this into focus is because I feel the need to consider the reason behind being granted a voice. It is not to be used for only gossip and idle chatter, but to make a difference in whatever way possible. Each individual is entitled to his or her own opinion; this cannot be forgotten. However, my voice does not need to be used to only give my opinion and make change with my idea and speech skills. As in my case of continuing towards becoming an aspiring surgeon, my voice will determine the decisions I must make every day when it comes to helping people, and potentially saving lives.

In Youth and Government, as well as many other diplomatically structured programs, when a delegate would like to speak they must first rise from their seat. The presiding officer will then ask this delegate, “To what do you rise?” I find this sentence both intriguing yet empowering. Because what do people rise for? Everyday we must rise out of bed to continue our productive lives. Some rise to fulfill their job, take care of their kids, etc. I hope that in the future I will rise each day to make a difference in someone’s life regarding physical health.

However, today I rise as a writer to do my best and inform people that there are things happening in the world that they may not be well aware of. I know for a fact, that there are more Americans able to name everyone in the Kardashian Klan than those who are aware of the past elections in Israel or the recent shooting of over 20 tourists at a museum in Tunis. This information is not hidden from the people. In actuality it is on news programs throughout the entire day, but people are unable to click past MTV or E!

Regarding the attack in Tunisia, security forces have arrested four people linked directly to the attack with suspect to at least six more affiliated to terrorist groups. Not much is yet known, with the Prime Minister Essid stating that Tunisia will continue to learn about the attacks and the terrorist affiliation. This has been the worst attack on Tunisia since al-Qaeda suicide bombings in 2002.

I rise to raise my voice and bring awareness to others in hope that with more people knowledgeable about certain international situations, they will be addressed quicker with solutions found to evade similar circumstances.

More information regarding the attack at the Bardo National Museum can be found from constant updates at all major news outlets.

Referenced to Al Jazeera and BBC News, cited on 20 March 2015.

Written by: Emily Perotti

Edited by: Eng Sou Ea

Copy-edited by: Alisa Sophie Rasch


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