Music as a Force for Peace

The day started with the disappointing news of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being reelected. The students of EMIS were in dismay as they thought things would change and the voices we heard from the people we met would make that much needed difference.

However, spirits were lifted when EMIS had the privilege of being invited to the Peter, Paul and Mary Concert by the Jerusalem International YMCA. This event was organized thanks to one of our students, who planned the attendance and watched out for the well going of the event. We hopped on a bus and took the 45 minute ride to Jerusalem and after arrived at the venue, the Mary Nathaniel Hall which was perfect in all senses of the word.

The event commenced with Peter introducing himself to the audience and elaborating on how he used music as a force of peace in different conflicts especially the racial one in the USA in 1961. He brought in the first band, “Ukuleles for peace”. As cliché as the name sounds, the music produced from those instruments was off the roof.

The music that followed after left the EMISERS in a state of tranquility and awe. Personally, I adored the acapella, beatboxing and different tones of voice coming from these little kids. I was hooked and moved,  my feet clapping and singing along. My favorite performer was Mira Awad, the vocal trainer of the kids performing. Her voice and story was so touching and captivating, there was no way you would tire listening to her.

I enjoyed this quote from her, “I was invited to an event where Former US President Bill Clinton was awarding the Liberty medal to Mandela and De Clerk for ending Apartheid. I was in awe and thought to myself how great it would be to be invited to an event where someone is being awarded a medal for ending the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. I am waiting for that invite.” – Mira Awad

The two sides, both Arab and Israeli, stood hand in hand showing us that the future is bright and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The event demonstrated to me and the rest of the EMISERS that the mission of our two schools is plausible and a reality. The road to which we would accomplish peace using education is achievable

To know more about the event, follow this link:

Written by Peter Mangi

Edited by Maria Tirnovanu


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