I couldn’t see it

It was a dark night. I mean every night is dark, but that night was especially dark; you couldn’t see any stars up in the sky. It seemed like they were afraid to show off their light.

I was sitting on the grass, alone. Actually, in that moment I realised that I had always been alone. I didn’t have any support at all. I didn’t have any friends; my parents would not listen nor believe in me. They never gave me a hand to solve the problems in my own family. They would say that this is the role of women within a family.

I didn’t have a say in any issues. My husband would tell me I had no right to do so. I didn’t work, I wasn’t involved in the business and the only thing I was doing was cleaning the house and cooking for him.

I was always feeling like a slave. I have tried many times to break up with him, but he would beg me saying he would change for me; and we would live a different and happy life. Of course, it never happened. Things might have gotten better in the first week, but after that we would go back to “normality”.

I was standing outside. It was cold, but I couldn’t feel it. The owls were singing, but I couldn’t hear it. I was looking for the moon to light my way, but I couldn’t see it…

Inspired by cultural context.


Written by Majlinda Xhaferaj

Edited by: Hannah Cook

Cross-edited by: Eng Sou Ea


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