A few days ago we had an amazing experience in the form of a Rebirthing workshop, held by the amazing Noa Bar, a woman so truly beautiful inside and outside, I find it hard sometimes to lay eyes upon on her.

In the beginning I was skeptical, like I always turn out to be when talking about laying out emotions, paranormal stuff, or the effect they might have on us. Like every time before, I try something of sorts and I kept my skepticism all through the introduction of the workshop. I felt like I would be the one to simply relax and listen and breathe normally while my friends let themselves loose all around me. I thought it would have no effect on me and wouldn’t help me at all in calming down.

For those of you that do not know, rebirthing is a method of breathing “discovered” by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s, who after a long bathtub claimed to have experienced his birth again, bringing back old memories. However, the type of rebirthing we did consisted of certain breathing techniques accompanied by trance music; which is supposed to take you on some kind of emotional stage where you feel secure to let your emotions out with the aid of breathing.

In the beginning, the strong beat of the song accompanied by the dark room made me feel ecstatic, pumped up and I started breathing slowly, inhaling air slowly and hearing people get more and more rowdy, breathing faster, starting to moan and then shout at the top of their lungs. For a few moments, I felt like the room was invaded by some sort of horror movie devils and I saw myself on the big screen, being the star of the movie, the only one that would turn out alive. However progressively, the heavy atmosphere and the pain started getting into my lungs along with the air I breathed, and I realized I started crying slowly, and then noises found their way out of my throat. To be honest, I cannot remember how much time passed or what I did or how I felt, however after sometime I felt that I was struggling to get out of the room, to fly away, to get out from all the despair I felt, however my body would not move, and I realized that what I was trying to get out was no longer in sync with my body, and was either my soul or my mind.

As a person who had experienced sleep paralysis before after a lot of frustration and was kind of disappointed with the results, I had certain expectations from what I kind of felt was about to happen (for this article, the word know will not be used many times and will be instead replaced with the word feel). But what happened was nowhere near my imagination. Many times I tried to pull out and transport myself, while seeing my body in the bed like they said, and when it did not happen I would get disappointed. This time what I felt was not disappointment, perhaps because of all the noise in the room that did not let me think, and I took it as it is. My mind started getting out and transported me back through places and times at an inhuman speed, and I saw revolutions, protests, births, hunger, the hippie era, wars, the Holocaust, rulers of countries, the Middle Ages, feudalism, slavery, old battles, ancient empires, flashes of dinosaurs, the world being created and in an odd show of implosion, nothing. For a few seconds nothing existed, I was reduced to a state of nothingness, not even black in front of my closed eyes, and that is when I felt alive.

I was reverted back to consciousness by two hands on my forehead and a few minutes later, voices telling us we did a great job and to slowly start coming back. The talk and the sharing after made me realize the difference of my experience from the others and even though all of our experiences were varied, for me the session was different then what was supposed to be expected.

According to the people who helped us, we were supposed to release our emotions and to connect to our center, letting go of our negative feelings and our sadness, so I expected a calm, relaxed session where I would become numb in silence, letting go and breathing slowly. The shouting in the room definitely did not make it so, and even though I shouted the same and shed a few tears of my own, my session concluded with a fierce adventure and realizing the contradiction of how small I am compared to all the souls which have ever lived and at the same time, how all that has ever been is now engraved on my bones. I realized during that time the similarity of my feelings to those shared by billions before, and how I am not alone in struggles or difficulties.

This review of rebirthing is a personal one, and shares only my experience. Even though results might not be as expected and the act of breathing in itself might or might not have an effect on releasing your feelings, at least the atmosphere and the energy is sure to take you on a surprising adventure with your mind and is bound to give you just a few minutes of pure connection and energy.

Written by: Maria Tirnovanu

Edited by: Carlos Sevilla

Copy edited by: Emily Perotti


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