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Thank you!

Why do we write? If we think about it, it’s just writing symbols on a piece of paper in the hope that someone else by luck would read it (and maybe like it). But it is much more than that. It is just receiving this wave of inspiration that comes to you in the least expected times, like a strong wind you can hear from the distance that begs you to breathe it, to remember it in what we call letters, so that it doesn’t roam out in nothingness and starts living forever in the repetition of that cycle.
Perhaps we just attempt to transform the indecipherable music of the life that our eyes feel and our souls see into a comprehensible language for our brains. Maybe it’s just another kind of language, one that can only spring from our hearts and be born from our hands. Who knows really? But here we are, writing and here you are, reading this.

Thank you, strange person with an awesome life reading this, because for you we write, and only through you words can live again and again in different bodies, in different lines.

Written by Jose Paulo Morales


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