Thoughts of a Student Flying Home

The day has come…

Bye, bye roommates

Bye, bye Journalism Club

Bye, bye classmates

Bye EMISers!


The act of sitting on a plane

Boarding, checking-in
Packing one’s bags
Visiting home

Being surrounded by family

Feeling the comfort I felt for years

Booking a ticket

When should I go?

“Jetzt buchen”

“Where should I sit?” I asked my roommates and friends.

How do I get to the airport?

Oh, it’s Shabbat, I will have to take a taxi.

Where is an Israeli? Thank you, Tom.
12:45 Hakfar Hayarok -> Ben Gurion Airport

Security questions:

Finally holding my boarding ticket

Security checks: “Made it!”

Where is my gate? C02 it is.
Time for boarding:

Everyone jumps out of their seat when it is announced that the last five rows should enter the plane. Right, as if all of them would fit in the first five rows. Amazing.
And the changeless safety instructions shortly before we take off
Ready for departure

Bye, bye Israel

I am reminded how much I will miss my surroundings,

As I glimpse at the rainbow adjacent to the runway.


Home, I am on my way

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Back to the country I grew up in

That many people call their “home”
As defined by the dictionary, “home is the place where a person lives”, “a place where something normally or naturally lives or is located.”

This makes both Vienna and EMIS fit the definition of home.

I am not sure if “home” is such a difficult word for anyone else but me.

My thoughts are changing as fast as the plane is moving westward.

Crazy, tonight everything will be similar to what it was a year ago, but not at all to what I have gotten used to since September.

“What would you like to drink, please?” the flight attendant asks me.
Wow, the view from the window is amazing!

The beach, the coastline,

People are enjoying the sun and I am going home to freeze in -2º C

Why am I not just staying and enjoying the sun?

Oh no, the next CAS reflection is due tomorrow!

Two hours to go! The time is running!

I notice the clouds look like a fluffy pillow in a child’s dream.
Winter break, already such a long time ago, still feels so close

The time in Vienna passed so fast, it felt like I was home for three days, but it was actually two weeks.

How will it be this time? Hugging my parents, eating together, being back?

I can now see the ground: it is green, wooded, mountainous and covered in snow.

“We are reaching our final destination”
Soon I will arrive – “oh yes, oh no!”

Wow, I am almost back

What do I need to do? Who is there to meet? Where do I have to go? What do I want?

I need a plan!

However, my thoughts are still at EMIS. I realize this by checking the clock to make sure I am at the dining hall on time.
See you in a few weeks, EMIS!

*Dictionary used: Merriam Webster Dictionary

Written by: Anna-Sophie Kraeftner

Edited by: Hannah Cook

Copy edited by: Emily Perotti


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