EMIS celebrated World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day, March 21, is a day dedicated to poetic expression and one of its purposes is to remind us of human’s ability to join emotions and the powerful effect of words. As EMIS students appreciate art and literature, an idea was born and Weronika Dwornik and Jose Morales, members of the Creative Writing Club, decided to turn it into reality.

Their vision was to emphasize the way poetry is a communication tool in a diverse environment such as EMIS. To accomplish this we celebrated poetry throughout the week by writing letters to each other in the form of poems. This was one of the main activities organized and all the letters were gathered in a box they entitled “Moira’s box” until Saturday, March 28. On this day the event reached its climax and all the students randomly received a poem as a gift. Moreover, the day ended with a spectacular open mic session, where students got on the stage and performed their favourite pieces or their own compositions.

The audience received each and every artistic presentation with enthusiasm cheerfully supporting all the performers, who wore the mask of different characters and different moods in order to convey their messages. As each of the poems belonged to various cultures and covered a wide range of languages and styles, the event itself was a challenge oriented towards the exchange of ideas. Everyone involved put in a lot of work, because the importance of poetry should be adequately acknowledged. EMIS, having an extremely diverse and talented student body, was the ideal place to support this artistic aspect of life that we may often ignore, but actually has a special link to our hearts, creating meaning for word-lovers in a unique manner.

Now that it is over, information about future similar projects is awaiting, because there is no rule that these events should only happen when a day in the calendar is specially marked for them and the World Poetry Day next year is too far anyway. Listening to thundering words on a night when the clouds form a shielding whirl around the moon, while the candle is the light and the shadow on the poet’s face gives you a feeling hard to forget and makes you realize that poetry is a sweet treat to our souls regardless of its bitterness.

Written by Raluca Ciubotariu

Edited by Hannah Cook

Copy-edited by Eng Sou Ea


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