This article does not bring any new information about the last plane crash but rather discusses on the relevance of all this information.

Birds in which we used to believe fall, crash, disappear. We want to know whyhowwhenwherewhowhywhywhy. Access to internet is this 10$  bill to the fatty orgy of information. And reading the news is a must, your lack of opinion or theory on this most relevant event will…

What happens if I don’t know? What happens if I choose to ignore? Despite your accusatory glance that reminds me that I am from Barcelona. Where’s the debate?

We are not dealing with terrorism. Forgive me, if I don’t want to force my imagination to picture  all human disasters. My lack of curiosity may sound to you like I forgot my country, like I chose to belong to this comfortable international EMIS nation.  Let me clear one point, I do feel pain over this tragedy, as every time such dramas occur but I do not believe in how the media covers the topic and I do not wish to know everything about this pilot’s life.

However, I do care about unemployment rates, poverty, corruption and many, many more with which I will not bore you with as probably they won’t be of interest for you.  No shame or guilt on this, we don’t all think that the same is interesting.

It is the cruel circus that has made me ignore newspapers this last days. What are all these details for if not to distract me from what really matters?

I will no argue that this disaster is fascinating, especially when it happens so close that it could have almost been us. But this disaster did raise questions in me about journalism.

I remember very clearly the Paris terror attacks, I think I always will, the media that I usually read reports it with a similar intensity this time. However, I felt this procedure was unadequate. We were not dealing with security matters but with human privacy and the online updates were violating the family’s privacy and relying on a huge amount of short and contradictory articles to inform. Most of the media was simply unable to take a step backward, to stop prosecuting the families paralyzed by such a tragedy.

This coverage reminded me of certain Spanish TV news, which every day build a narrative composed of  disasters, violence and death. Practically nothing else. Ignacio Ramonet spoke about it in a book he published in 1998 The tirany of communication  (La tirania de la comunicación), talking about the imposure of the visual in TV news which leads to favouring the anecdote. This way TV news end up by looking like Hollywood’s 30’s films, the emotion of the audience, a climax every 10 minutes and a funny and light ending.

There this idea that if you see it, you are living it and if you are living it you understand it better. But reality is much more complex, and it’s not whoever comes closer or takes the most stunning photo that has the full picture in his mind.

 Written by Aina de Lapparent

Edited by Alisa Sophie Rasch

Copy-edited by Maria Tirnovanu

*There has been good journalism following the tragedy, for those who think it is relevant to know everything about this topic, but finding it under so many sensationalistic layers, has not been an easy task.

The Guardian, in 30 seconds recaps what should journalism. Why should it look for meaning and key points of view. But, afterall, it is maybe my critique that lacks perspective and reflection over time.


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