I was born, In an unknown world, In an accidental way, I was born! I was held, In unknown arms, In a mysterious way, I was held! I was raised, I couldn’t choose where, I couldn’t choose how, I was raised! I grew up, Maybe sooner, Maybe later, I grew up! I became independent, Embracing... Continue Reading →


The Gag Law

From outside, it is easy to see this place as flawless, as a utopia. However, only by staying here for a week you will start seeing this perfection cracking down progressively and after the eight months we've been living together tensions and anger have appeared and resurged from time to time. Sometimes, it gets too... Continue Reading →


One year one day ago my friends and I found out one of our classmates passed away. Even though it is extremely difficult for me to understand his decision, it is true that is was his choice – a choice that should never be on our list of options, but somehow got on his. Nowadays... Continue Reading →

Today it’s April 23rd

I sometimes like to stop, go to a secret spot, look at the bright/cloudy night ahead me and ask myself: If you had the power to transport yourself instantly, would you use in this moment? Next Thursday, after a relaxed and productive day (we won't have school), no matter how the day will be, the... Continue Reading →

Yom Hashoah

Being in Israel on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is truly unparallel to being anywhere else in the world on this day that we commemorate the 11 million who lost their lives in the Holocaust, especially the 6 million Jews. One of the main reasons that Israel exists is because after the Nazi’s attempt to... Continue Reading →


This past week of April, the students at EMIS had the exuberant pleasure of assisting the HaKfar campus with its numerous commonalities. The work detail of the EMIS students is not a rare thing, however its participation, dignified commitment and actual attendance are. Although not explicitly, the work for the week was simply more overbearing than... Continue Reading →

Holiday means Family

Spring break is over and after a 10-day break it is exciting as always to be back in the warm and welcoming heart of EMIS. The time we didn’t see each other wasn’t that long, but the fact that we’re so used to living together made it feel like ages! This spring break, at different... Continue Reading →

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