Pre-Wedding Thoughts

Among the mass of various dresses, skirts, and heels stood three sister with two other girls, preparing for an upcoming wedding. Though two of the girls had close to no idea of what they were doing, they continued along in the excitement of searching through the never ending supply for the perfect outfits.

Not only was the closet stocked but there was an armoire filled to the brim with jewelry, as well as another entire room packed with clothes for various occasions. This situation was not out of the ordinary. Less than six months ago, the three sisters had brought along another girl, to a different location, for a different wedding. It might seem routine to attend so many weddings, but with each and every event having a specific flair, from the bride, each was sure to be special.

Following the decision of attire, the preparation moved towards other parts of the process. Nails were done, showers were taken, hair was fixed, and makeup was done. All was to ensure that our part in the wedding would be as near perfect as possible. To get to the final outfit, more combinations were tried than could be counted on fingers and maybe even toes.

It may seem very trivial and a bit superficial to an outsider. Maybe it is to some people who do not often have this experience. If one does not participate, they often look down upon the antics that are small steps to the final product. By dressing up, it allows for the entirety of the wedding to be as picture perfect as possible.

The purpose of weddings is at the core solely how the experience impacts the bide and groom. As long as the couple is elated, what more is there to enjoy? All is well, when you know that the bride is satisfied in the environment she ties the knot. Besides that, and having a good time, what else is there to accomplish.

Written by Emily Perotti
Edited by Eng Sou Ea
Cross edited by Alisa Sophie Rasch


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