You Wish to Know How EMIS is? Seek no Further!

“Oh, and you guys are the college. I thought you would act different; you are supposed to act different, not like this.” Almost direct quote by a girl from the Kfar HaYarok School who happened to pass by and see her friends at 3 AM.

The 27th of March was one of the very weird summer days in the middle of the season which I would accurately call “not winter, not summer and not really spring”. The day was stifling, incredibly hot, “can’t go out of my room” kind of hot, and so it was spent taking showers.

The night was however the highlight of the day.

The night, from 12 AM to around 4 AM was spent in different scenarios such as: doing a SAT practice test at 2 AM while people are loudly playing an ukulele next to the houseparent’s house, watching movies outside on the grass with an Austrian koala-like creature perched on my back, getting my laptop stolen by an enthusiastic Dutchie running around and ripping his pants just to drop them down later in front of an enthusiastic audience composed of Kfar girls, filming a Canadian, a Moldavian and a Chinese pushing a Brazilian in a truck tire up and down the dorms hallway, modern dance lessons and more.

This scenario made me think a bit about the normalcy of the people here at EMIS, and I proceeded to think about one person here who was fully normal, at least remotely so. Obviously I failed.

The spring break that followed and we are currently in, just made me follow my train of thought. In various events involving days out in Tel Aviv, simple lazy days in the Kfar, or simple conversations taking weird unexpected turns, I realized EMIS is not made out of normal people. From students to teachers to staff, I guess we are not what people would label “normal”.

And that is definitely not an insult. What came to my mind, sort of like an epiphany, is that the smarter people are, the most open-minded. Open-mindedness in a sense is accepting and tolerating but all the while not settling down to conventional beliefs or actions. I dare say we because I believe I belong and match with this awkward group of people now. We are tired of normalcy. As all smart people are, we are tired of being like the rest and being imposed social and behavioural norms, both by our old societies and our old educational systems and families.

But here, we are free to behave however we want, and judgement just does not exist. Here is where we can truly be ourselves without any shame, and this is why sometimes we might end up doing things which other people would consider crazy. But we are so close and know each other so well, we overlook these events like normal acts.

And I say all this with the widest definition of the world normal. I wish to insult no one by saying we are not normal, as I myself see it as a compliment. Here we are making history, as the first international school studying the IB in this area of conflict, we are writing this history flawlessly, taking this place by storm with our apparent craziness.

Dear future students,

I will address you a letter latter (nice word play there, right?) But for now, all you need to know is that you might be a bit freaked out in the beginning, but no worries. You will settle in just fine, I am sure. If you get to come to a place like EMIS, you have no choice but to make these the best years of your life. You might just do so in the company of around 67 silly people for half of them.

Best wishes.

Written by: Maria Tirnovanu

Edited by: Carlos Sevilla

Copy edited by: Emily Perotti

*P.S.: Props to the amazing student (*cough* Waleed *cough*) who has proceeded to tell me that he’s blocking me on Facebook because I did not include “his new haircut” or “how amazing it makes him look” in this article. Your move, honey!


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