Holiday means Family

Spring break is over and after a 10-day break it is exciting as always to be back in the warm and welcoming heart of EMIS. The time we didn’t see each other wasn’t that long, but the fact that we’re so used to living together made it feel like ages!

This spring break, at different dates and having different significances, people from all over the world celebrated two of the most meaningful religious holidays – Pesach and Easter. Some EMIS students went back to their home countries, and some chose to travel to visit their friends. Regardless of everyone’s destinations– without a doubt, an excellent time and wonderful experiences and stories with lively fresh memories will keep travelling around for a while forward.

Holidays mean family and I don’t know how far or, the opposite, how close, you were to yours this year, but ignoring the physical distance and common Physics laws, I know your soul was there facing all your beloved ones at the round table. Mine was too. There is also the special connection one develops with the people they may spend their holidays with, connections that are absolutely not related to family trees or mutual religions. Anyway, this doesn’t mean your thoughts are not going to fly miles away to your family. Especially during holidays, even if you’re having a great time, because it is your inner thirst for hugging those who brought you to life, kissing your grandma’s old and caring hand, and embracing your culture and spiritual legacy, the thirst that controls this bizarre feeling.

But as life follows its path nowadays, sooner or later we all leave our birth nest running towards inspiring places that unfortunately set us apart from our homelands, placing infinite oceans and endless mountains reaching the clouds in between us. Luckily this is just a test, our hearts don’t let us fail, because families cannot be forgotten. With the hope you had a joyful holiday or you’re still peacefully celebrating, I invite you to keep following the interesting topics presented and our school’s adventures: EMIS – a family reunited now, after spring break.

Written by Raluca Ciubotariu

Edited by Hannah Cook

Copy-edited by Eng Sou Ea


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