Rodrigo’s Science Journal #8: Man-made milk. Would you try?

During the spring break, I worked in the HaKfar HaYarok for several hours in the farm, especially with the cows. Although I’m not vegan, I acknowledge the fact that cows are treated in such a sad way. It seems that all they do in their lives is to give milk. At EMIS, we have a very large percentage of vegans. However, I actually would love to have accessible and good alternatives for milk and other dairy products. For instance, I really prefer soy milk to regular milk. Unfortunately, I feel that there are not enough available and inexpensive alternatives on the market. Or maybe this is just my excuse to have access to my delicious milky chocolate. This doesn’t really matter.

What I find really intriguing is that there is a US-based company called Muufri developing a milk that is free of lactose and cholesterol. Three bioengineers of this company are preparing to produce their cow-free milk.

The goal of the corporation is not merely to produce a beverage that can be drunk by approximately three-quarters of the world’s population, who are lactose-intolerant.

Humans are very dependent on animals. Therefore, one of the advantages of this type of milk would be a lower dependence on cows. Improving this product would be an essential move towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

Muufri will be part of the Synthetic Biology Accelerator (SOSVentures). The product is being made in the University of College Clork, in Ireland.

Check out the video below: “Start-Up Company Muufri Introduces Man-Made Milk”



Written by Rodrigo Ferreira

Edited by Carlos Sevilla

Copy-edited by Maria Tirnovanu


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