A Moment in the Mind of the Restless

My soul is unstable longing for foreign countries

My mind has been bored for longer than centuries.

I cannot move, my duty is holding me back.

I cannot change and the light of my life is turning into black.

A black keeping me from seeing

The future, my life that has no clear beginning.

Since I can remember, I cannot endure a place for long.

Too strong is my desire to keep moving on.

No one can keep me from visiting places.

I cannot help it but I like looking at new faces.

That’s me, that’s my daily dilemma.

I don’t live by grammar.

My life has no rule, Oh dear, how big I am of a fool.

As much as I wish this to be the truth,

Reality is different and I am living without a clue.

Prisoner to my own routines, I cannot break free

I keep myself busy like a bee, to forget about the lack of glee.

I wake up with good intentions

Only to go to bed, strangled in the failure of their completion.

Every day is a new beginning they say,

But that becomes pure illusion, once your habits stay.

Written by, 

Naomi Theinert

Edited By, 

Peter Mangi

Copy Edited by, 

Hannah Cook


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