I was born,
In an unknown world,
In an accidental way,
I was born!

I was held,
In unknown arms,
In a mysterious way,
I was held!

I was raised,
I couldn’t choose where,
I couldn’t choose how,
I was raised!

I grew up,
Maybe sooner,
Maybe later,
I grew up!

I became independent,
Embracing my past,
Or letting it go,
Maybe, I became dependent!

I met people,
They changed me,
For better or for worse I don’t know,
You don’t know either.

I have passed through high mountains,
I have passed through fields with colorful flowers,
I have laughed hard and I’ve cried a lot,
I breathe!

I have forgotten myself,
For someone’s sake,
I have forgotten who I am,
I’ve lost it!

I’ve stood up,
Against the whole world,
I’ve won and I’ve lost,
But I’ve always won something, or lost…

I’ve worn masks,
I’ve been false,
I’ve wanted to be liked,
Everyone does…

I’ve killed people someway,
I’ve killed people with words,
Maybe, even a life inside me,
I hurt!

I see nightmares,
I see beautiful dreams,
But I am happier when I see nothing,
Dark makes me neutral.

I’ve been walking towards my destination,
But the stream changed,
It changed my direction,
I have a new destination.

I am walking to the finish,
I am seeing the film of my life,
I lived!

Written by Majlinda Xhaferaj

Edited by Hannah Cook

Copy-edited by Eng Sou Ea