The Profound Impact of Life Abroad

Living abroad means having the crazy idea to leave everything behind in order to start a new life, experience new opportunities, and take advantage of new chances. The impact of living abroad is life changing. However, going abroad is not always a blast, and sometimes throws you into rough waters. Once the adventure is over... Continue Reading →


Our Sacred Days

Throughout the EMIS school year, our student body has encountered various holidays in their distinct forms. Perhaps one of the most consternating of efforts came from our failures to understand both meaning and context of most Jewish holidays. However, this last month in a half has been filled, at least in one’s personal belief, in... Continue Reading →

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Say hello to Ball’s Pyramid. This is what this desolate island which looks like a setting from a dystopian novel is called. Ball’s Pyramid is all that is left of an old volcano that emerged from the sea about 7 million years ago in the South Pacific. It is terribly narrow and very high, and... Continue Reading →

Shabbat, EMIS Style!

Each kvutza (living group) in Hakfar Hayarok has the indulgence of “hosting” the Shabbat festivities for the other members of the Kfar. This means that they sing several songs before the Shabbat dinner, and then afterwards, at around 9:30, perform a show. EMIS had this opportunity on May 15; the second to last Shabbat before... Continue Reading →

Yad Vashem Visit

Note: The following is a reflection, written for the EMIS school trip to Yad Vashem, the museum of the holocaust, on April 26th. The task was assigned by Lorelle Shub, our English A teacher, who insisted we reflect on our visit. While I am privy that “most” probably wrote this reflection rather halfheartedly, treating it... Continue Reading →


Although it is definitely not one of our most favourite places in the world, life drives us in there from time to time. I am talking about hospitals, because a close friend of mine, who is actually one of my roommates, had to spend one night under the doctors’ supervision this weekend due to an... Continue Reading →

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