Efforts in Nepal

In the recent week, a disastrous earthquake hit Nepal on the 26 of April. It left an innumerable number of people injured or dead. Each day the death count rises, passing 5,000 as of yesterday night. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter occurred in Lamjung. Nearby rural outskirts of Gorkha and Dhading faced serious aftershocks. Aftershocks even reached the capital of Kathmandu as well as the majority of Nepal.

Despite the tragedy that materialized as hundreds of kilometers were decimated into ruins, Nepal has not been alone in its efforts to save all that is left. Many countries have been providing aid, the UN is working to provide hundreds of millions of dollars to the cause, and organizations like the Red Cross have been on the scene right from the very beginning.

After relief was provided to those in Kathmandu Valley surrounding the capital, the aid moved on towards more remote areas that were hit just as hard, if not harder. Along with relief programs provided by Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee other programs to rescue individuals have begun.

Another rescue happened in the past few days when an Israeli plane landed in the Ben Gurion International Airport from Nepal. Among the passengers were babies born from surrogate mothers. While in previous years, many Israelis had turned to India, however, with India’s changing laws most surrogate mothers turned to give birth in Nepal.

Although almost 30 babies were flown back to Israel, their surrogate mothers were not allowed, instead being left in Nepal. There are still many surrogate mothers who have not yet given birth residing in Nepal. Though, the Ministry of Interior has allowed surrogate mothers very close to labor to be flown to Israel, many others will not have the same opportunity.

It is difficult to pick what might be the best decision in this event. The chaos from the earthquake caused many Israeli’s to bring their children back to Israel as soon as possible. However nothing is ever fair, as some Israeli families are forced to have their surrogate mother stay in the poor conditions of Nepal in its current state until delivery.

I only pray for people realize that Nepal has the arduous task of regaining ground to reach where it was before, and that this is not possible without the help from the rest of the world.





http://time.com/3838319/israel-nepal-surrogates/ (Picture)

All websites referenced on 1 May, 2015

Written by Emily Perotti

Edited by Eng Sou Ea


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