Does my belly really miss the shrimps?

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday,

oh what a wonderful day it will be!

tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday,

we’ll all put on a smile

you’ll see.

Tradition is interesting; it keeps things alive, things that otherwise would have been pretty much dead.  My friends and I go to the same restaurant for every important event. Always a sea food one, always during happy hour.

When one of us leaves, returns, changes age, receives a letter from the army, gets their license or simply asks for a celebration we go there. And so tomorrow it is time to visit there again because another 18 year old is joining the world of adulthood.

But: what if two members out of the five are now vegetarians and they find themselves in a sea food restaurant, eating  flavorless pasta? What if the same five haven’t spoken in a while but instead went their separate ways? What if it’s no longer a secret that we are grasping on a reality that slipped from us a while ago, and instead of engaging we keep going?

It is because we need our small reasons that are turned into little ceremonies. You remind yourself, which is not an effortless process, that you love those who are around you even when they are not around you anymore. You know it and now all you do is try to feel it again, filling yourself with memories and the idea that you belong to someone or to somewhere.

And it’s doesn’t end with the individual but rather it might just be the reason why we go to synagogues on Friday nights; to hear all prayers together and remind ourselves, the forgetful soul, that God exists.

But tomorrow slowly turns out to be today

and not much happened but a huge delay

maybe next year we think

truth is we are older, I say as I shrink

Written by Ma’ayan Agmon

Edited by Maria Tirnovanu

Copy-edited by Carlos Sevilla


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