The Profound Impact of Life Abroad

Living abroad means having the crazy idea to leave everything behind in order to start a new life, experience new opportunities, and take advantage of new chances. The impact of living abroad is life changing. However, going abroad is not always a blast, and sometimes throws you into rough waters.

Once the adventure is over and you return “home”, you may come in contact with the following:

  • You realize just how long you’ve been travelling when the WIFI on your phone connects automatically in the airport and on the train, but no longer at home.
  • You are probably a packing-queen or king, as you were able to pack all of your belongings into a suitcase at least twice. Congrats, you should be proud of yourself!
  • As soon as you hear someone mention the name of a country, your mind flashes to a person that you met or know from there.
  • One daily thought: There are so many friends that need to be visited, but where are cheap plane tickets?
  • You realize that it can be an advantage not speaking the native language of a country; suddenly you are granted free-speech in private. Enjoy it; this is a luxury that won’t be possible back home!
  •  Especially if you talk without focusing or thinking, there may be a word or two from a different language that accidentally slips in.
  • It may be hard to keep up with everyone, as they follow a different schedule due to the time difference. Good morning on one side of the world means Good night on the other.
  • One is no longer enough. You have two homes, two groups of friends, two sets of keys, two different currencies, and two cards for the library, bank, and public transportation… 2, 2, 2.
  • You will always miss whatever you do not have at the moment, ranging from food to clothes to friends. The best advice is to enjoy the ones around you, as time flies and you won’t be able to enjoy these things forever. Therefore, live the moment, think about the future and do not waste your time worrying about the past. One day you will hopefully be able to return to the place of your memories and enjoy them again.
  • When you return to your familiar home, everything at first sight looks exactly the same, but with time, you do realize the small changes that took place. Just because you leave, the world does not stop.
  • As everything looks relatively the same as before, you think you remember the way to the cinema or a friend’s house. Yet you may end up getting a little lost, as you have not seen this part of the world for the past few months.
  •  You have experienced so much and have so many stories to tell that you do not even know where to start. Yet you have not even told half of them, others are already annoyed and no longer want to hear about your crazy stories from abroad.
  • Make the best out of the situations you end up in. Your time abroad is not a dream but rather reality. Not everything will be colorful, but it is in your hands, so just take some paint and do your best!
  • Time flies, so seize the moment as a year only has 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds!

Written by Anna Kraeftner
Edited by Hannah Cook


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