Dear Self

Dear self,

I admit I was skeptical to check my email inbox after seeing a notification on my phone that I had received an email from the Eastern Mediterranean School. Would I be accepted, if I did get accepted would I attend, if I attended would I enjoy it? These were all thoughts that ran through my head as I proceeded to open the mail.

So it goes, I was accepted, I attended, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. As my second year of EMIS approaches I find myself thinking back to last summer. That summer I was free and oblivious of what my future would hold. Moving halfway across the world seemed an impossible story, one that I was not sure I wanted to tell. How the times have changed.

I am writing this after just finishing the revision of the fourth draft of one of the countless essays I am required to write for college applications. Unlike last summer, this summer consists of IB revisions, SAT practice, and college application preparation. Compared to last summer, which was filled with childlike innocence, this summer is daunting and not synonymous with the feelings summer usually brings.

This is not a complaint, merely a way for me to de-stress. After solely thinking about how to respond to questions similar to, What defines you? or What was your biggest struggle and how were you able to surpass it?, this free writing is a well-deserved change. As tired as I am of these questions I know they play a key role in my future, however scary that sounds. So I push on, into the impending storm.

In less than three weeks I will be back in Israel. The year will continue as normal, as if this block of time, summer, was only a fleeting memory of a time once traveled. Before I finish this note to self I must add some personal tips and tricks to stay sane. They might be silly, but they work for me, and that is all that truly matters.

  1. Wake up each day, drink some water, and SMILE
  2. Form good habits
  3. Drink lots of water, it is better than stress snacking
  4. Realize that those letters and numbers on papers called grades do not define you
  5. Sleep is a necessity; aim for 6 hours

Love ❤

P.S. Never forget all the crazy and amazing things you have already accomplished!!

Written by: Emily Perotti

Edited by: Eng Sou Ea

Photo credit: Big Hero 6


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