This is just the beginning


Time flies. Four months ago I received some of the best news in my life, four months ago I got an email saying that I was accepted to study the International Baccalaureate in Israel with young people from over 40 countries. Four months ago my life changed. That news gave a 180 degrees change to my life.

Soon I will finish one month of being here, in another country and on another continent, surrounded by great people from different cultures. And yet I can not believe what I am living here, everything is so exciting.

Every day a new adventure begins where I have the opportunity to do many things such as talking about different topics, studying, and extracurricular activities.

Small details like seeing the Mediterranean Sea in the distance when I’m on my way to the dining hall to eat, or running at night around the Kfar, feeling the city traffic and at the same time the tranquility on campus.


Jet lag of eight hours, trying to memorize 140 names of people from different countries (some of them are very hard). Witnessing a sandstorm. Choosing my classes after a week of shopping, pool party, starting to get to know each other, talking about our life, getting to know myself better, overcoming stereotypes, sharing my culture and learning from others, learning basic greetings in different languages, running, writing, reading, studying, going to the special dinner on Friday night called Shabbat where all of us wear white shirts, enrolling in the different CASes (Creative, Action and Service), visiting Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv, and especially sharing these experiences with my peers, these are just a few of the things that I have done in this short time.

If this is just the beginning of this experience, I do not want to imagine what I will experience in the next two years here in this place called home.

I know I will grow as a person, I will leave here with a more global perspective of today’s world, I will make friends that I will have for all of my life but mostly I will live great experiences that will change and will mark my life.

In EMIS you have the opportunity to be yourself and be an ambassador for your country and I am sure that in the future when I see a flag of a country the first image to come to mind will be the person that I met in EMIS who is from there.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, I know that when I leave this place I will be more empowered to continue seeking peace and sustainability worldwide.

Written by Danilo José Angulo Molina

Edited by Hannah Cook


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