First Day For An EMISer In Tel-Aviv

Holidays are one of the best time to have fun. You have lots of opportunities, and  free time to do things. Last week, it was the time of the Rosh Hashana and it was the first holiday at EMIS for DP1 students. When I came to Israel, I wanted to discover every aspect of this beautiful country and every corner in its cities. So Rosh Hashana time was a great opportunity to start with parts of that two-year long trip. 12021800_722574074509242_141949904_n

On the first day of the holiday, my friends and I decided to go to Tel-Aviv. You can go there by a bus from HaKfar HaYarok and the price of the bus ticket is 6.90 Israeli Shekel. After a long way, we arrived in Tel-Aviv. The sea was the first thing that caught my attention. It looked so amazing. Since I wanted to drink something while watching the sea, we went to a cafe whose name I cannot remember. The weather was extremely hot so I ordered cold coffee with ice cream which was delicious. It cost twenty one Israeli Shekel, and even though it was too expensive, it was worth the price. I can only recommend it to everyone for sure.



After the coffee break, we walked on Tel-Aviv’s streets which were filled with many cafes, bars and restaurants worth seeing.

However, we had to come back to the HaKfar HaYarok because we did not want to miss dinner. While we were looking for a bus station, one of us noticed that the last bus had gone already. We did not want to get a taxi because we knew that tit would be expensive. We had no idea what to do at that time. While we were just walking randomly, we saw bicycle station though and my friends said ‘‘Why can’t we go to the campus by bicycle?’’ It sounded fun and we rented three bicycles for five people. One bicycle cost twenty three shekels but it is easy to use one bicycle for two.


One person just sits and the other one actually has to ride the bike. Also, if you put your bicycle in a midpoint station (the place where you get them from which are all over the city) before thirty minutes are over, you can get another bicycle for free. We thought it would be a very enjoyable experience. And at the beginning it was so much fun, we were singing songs and laughing. As we were cycling from Tel-Aviv to HaKfar HaYarok for about two hours and time passed on, we got more and more tired. At some point, we were just laying down on the floor.


When we came to the campus, we of course had missed dinner, but it was not so important at that time because we were extremely exhausted anyway. Despite everything, that day was fun and also I gained a good and funny memory about Tel-Aviv. I believe that memories are the most important thing about living, about life- many more shall come.

Written by Alper Ustuntas

Edited by Naomi Theinert




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