You Know You Went To EMIS When…

  1. You can feel the heat not only from the sun but also from the hugs of the fellows around the campus.


B: “Welcome to Israel!”

Yes, there is no doubt about it: SUMMER IS SIZZLING IN ISRAEL. As weather forecast, the temperature in Tel Aviv is between 26 and 36 degrees centigrade and the humidity on some days can be up to 76% (but in reality, it is even hotter than that).

However, the sun is not the only source of heat. At EMIS, there is a more powerful source that makes you feel much hotter: hugs. On the first days, you are welcomed by hugs. No matter who you are, where you are from, EMIS says hello to you by hugging. In the next days, sometimes when you are emotionally unstable, you are homesick and you need a shoulder to cry on, just go outside and bump into a random EMIS-er and hug them. Yeah, you can absolutely do that at EMIS and it actually happens every day.

You can feel the EMIS spirit from hug to hug. You can feel EMIS love from heart to heart.



  1. You’d rather stay up until 3AM to have deep talk about life with your friends than worry about finishing 6-page homework of Global Politics which is supposed to be submitted the day after.

“Why are you an atheist? It is not that because your parents are atheists then you are an atheist. You must have an explanation for your choice and perspective for your life”. – M.N

You may encounter this kind of question when you have a conversation at midnight. And of course, it is not always about serious topics like this; there are a lot that are of more fun.


  1. You feel more like you are on a long vacation than you have come to a new country to study International Baccalaureate program at a full boarding international school.

The atmosphere at EMIS is always peaceful and home-like, which makes you feel very relaxed.  Additionally, you have A LOT holidays just after you start the first day at school: Rosh Hashanah, Eid Aladha, Yom Kippur, Sukkot. It means that you study for two weeks then have another two weeks off school. It sounds like you are more of a traveler than an IB student, huh?


  1. You are unwilling to say goodbye to your friends who come home for holidays in 2 days as if you guys were not going to meet for 2 years.

EMIS gets really quiet during holidays when a lot people go home and just a few remain in the dorms. Therefore, saying goodbye to your friends is not an easy part before every holiday even when it is just a short one. And not until that moment do you realize how much you love the noise that you may have found annoying before.


  1. You have a chance to experience a sandstorm.

Only in an international school in Israel like EMIS can you have the experience of observing a sandstorm first-hand.


  1. You’ve got the best roommates in the world.

When you are so sick that you even do not have enough energy to open your mouth to ask your roommates to bring you some food from the dining hall, they will notice your sickness and bring you some food without even being asked.

When you are in bad mood and share a sad song reflecting your mood on Facebook, even though you do not mention a word that you are not happy, your roommate will understand and come to you, saying “What’s wrong? We need to talk.”


  1. You feel like you are at home.


Above are just some of the endless things about special moments you realize that you are at EMIS. If you have something to add to the list, feel free to comment on the box below. We’d love to hear about your experiences.


Written by Linh Ha

Edited by Hannah Cook


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