Human Body in Nature

Human Body In Nature

Bertil Nilsson



While I was checking my Instagram account, I came across a photograph taken by Bertil Nilsson. It was exceptionally unusual and different. So, I decided to research about him leading to this article basing on one of Bertil Nilsson’s work called ‘’Naturally’’.

First of all, I want to give some information about the artist. Bertil Nilsson was born in Sweden and currently lives and works in London. As a child, he spent a lot of time in the forest but his entire adult life was spent in the city. Out of the ordinary, he has an interest in the dancers and circus artists.

Now, we can talk about his great art. I want to explain what the ‘’Naturally’’ is with his words.

‘‘Naturally was born from that inspiration to explore, both the landscape and our role within it. Working with the naked figure in nature is straightforward, there is an obvious connection with our natural history. I’m interested in what happens when I introduce cultural elements – colour, shape and dance gestures – to question that relationship.’’ 

As previously mentioned we can also see his interest in dancers and circus artists in his photos.  What fascinates him about dancers? The answer is how they can use their bodies so perfectly.  According to Bertil Nilsson, they have such a large range of movements, from the organic to the absolutely unnatural, artificial.

The other facts that we see in this work are contrast, colours and focal points. He says ‘‘The placement and choice of colour add a symbolic layer, creating possibly unexpected interpretations.’’

The artist defines his work as a personal journey of exploration. According to him, his interventions took on a theme of tension between order and chaos. He likes to analyze, putting in order and structure.  He likes to control the world around him in visual meaning.

He succeeded in bringing human body and nature together in a visual sense and he did it in an unusual and impressive way. Now I am looking forward to his new works. I had a great pleasure introducing a genius artist like Bertil Nilsson to you.





Written by: Alper Ustuntas

Edited by: Eng Sou Ea


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