More than a trip: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Day 2 Tik tok… Tik tok… 6:00AM EMIS kiddos! Wakie wakie! It was time to get up, have breakfast and be prepared for the day two adventures. Saying goodbye to the Kibbutz, we were excited to get on the bus, heading to the hiking place of the second day of the trip: the... Continue Reading →


More than a trip

Chapter 1: Day 1 On Oct. 21st and 22nd, all students from the second generation of the EMIS family had their very first trip to the south of Israel, hiking in two deserts: Negev and Judaea, visiting Mitzpe Ramon visitors center, Makhtesh Ramon observatory and Makhtesh Ramon promenade, sleeping in a Kibbutz and having amazing... Continue Reading →

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