One month of living abroad

It is October and it means that I have been in Israel for one month now. These 30 days can definitely be described as a new life for me. This adventure is in a new place, with new people, new conditions and new rules. So, how has it been?

I remember, two-three years ago, my dream was- to study abroad, to live somewhere far from the place I used to call home. I thought that if I were ever to study in another country, my life would be like a dream where everything would be perfect. But I was wrong. Of course it is amazing to live in Israel which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS), the school I call home is a modern educational establishment with comfortable dorms, interesting subject choices and great teachers. Testing myself both academically and on an extracurricular level is shaping my personality day by day. This school is definitely one to offer many great opportunities for their students.

One of the opportunities that I want to underline is the abundant chances to take part in healthy competition. We have students from 42 countries all over the world and all of them charismatic and strong enough to be here. Some people are better in math, some in science, and others in sports, etc. I don’t know about other students, but I always want to be on the same level or even higher than my peers. If I see that I am not good enough, I need to change something. And this is how I can improve myself here.

I remember when I was 12-13, how I reacted to seeing Americans, Chinese and foreigners in Ukraine. It was very strange for me; it felt like those people were from another planet. But now, I live in a melting pot of different nationalities. My roommates are from Israel, Palestine and Serbia. I have classes with people from Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Italy, etc. Every day I learn something new about traditions from other countries. The idea and main goal of the school is excellent because we can only build peace between countries after understanding the way people live in those countries.

But my past conception that living abroad is a dream isn’t true; and this because of one reason. After three weeks here I felt homesick. Missing my family, home, friends loved ones, and previous life in general made me very sad and still makes me sad to this day. It is not easy for me to find a real soulmate here. Because all the people here have different backgrounds speaking in English, for me, when I speak a different language, I feel that I am different person. Of course, all people are friendly here and we can speak with everybody, but even in a big crowd, sometimes, I can feel lonely. And now I realize that living with the people that are close to you is a big treasure.

To sum up, I would simply like to say, especially to those who want to be an EMIS student; be ready to live far from “home sweet home.” Missing your past life can interfere a lot with process developing your personal and academic capabilities.

Written by Daniel Onyshchenko

Edited by Hannah Cook


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