More than a trip

Chapter 1: Day 1

On Oct. 21st and 22nd, all students from the second generation of the EMIS family had their very first trip to the south of Israel, hiking in two deserts: Negev and Judaea, visiting Mitzpe Ramon visitors center, Makhtesh Ramon observatory and Makhtesh Ramon promenade, sleeping in a Kibbutz and having amazing experiences together.

Hotter than the desert

We arrived at the first hiking site, Negev desert, at around 11 AM. The sun was shining and emitting heat at its best; it seemed to want to burn everything on Earth. However, the heat from the sun still bore no comparison to the heat from the desire to discover the desert, to conquer the Saharonim Mountain and to challenge self-limitations of vigorous EMIS kids. And with that spirit blazing up inside each and every person, our journey started!


The first road that had a steep slope and many rocks appeared to be a challenging one for some people who were in the desert and went hiking for the first time. But they soon caught up to get to the top of the mountain.

At a stop for a break, we had the chance to listen and speak to ourselves in the middle of an immense desert.

In the desert you can remember your name, 
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.”

It was a momentous moment of silence and peace, the peace of very inner mind that had it not been for being at the desert, we could hardly achieve it in hurried daily lives as IB students.

Go into space and back to nature

After hiking in the Negev desert, we visited Mitzpe Ramon visitors center, Makhtesh Ramon observatory and Makhtesh Ramon promenade.

We got to know about a story of a brave Israeli astronaut and STS-107 Columbia, a geological story of the nature in a very true and lively way. We had the chance to experience the wind, observe the sunset and send our message: “Welcome to EMIS” to the world from Makhtesh Ramon observatory and Makhtesh Ramon promenade. The sights were so imposing that no camera could fully capture the beauty of nature from there.


When the wind got stronger, the sky got darker and the weather got colder; we also got more tired and more in need of food. We got on the bus and headed to the place we stayed for the night: the Kibbutz.

Having dinner, bonfire with guitar and singing along, disco with people cheering for EMIS, sharing a room with 30 other people, experiencing communal bathrooms with transparent curves, and making our own bread were special memories of the trip.


[To be continued]


Written by Linh Ha

Edited by Hannah Cook

Photo credits to Caterina Barbi



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