More than a trip: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Day 2

Tik tok… Tik tok… 6:00AM

EMIS kiddos! Wakie wakie!

It was time to get up, have breakfast and be prepared for the day two adventures. Saying goodbye to the Kibbutz, we were excited to get on the bus, heading to the hiking place of the second day of the trip: the Judaean desert. Yallah!!!

The road we hiked on during the second day was a longer, more arduous, grueling one than that on the first day, requiring more efforts, more strength, but also bringing more laughs, more connections and more unforgettable memories.


We started the journey at around 9:00AM and were informed that it would be a 6-kilometer road lasting for 5 hours. Like day 1, the beginning was half the battle: While some people did not have any problem following Mr. Tour guide, who was very cool, many people, myself included, found it difficult to catch up with other people in front. There were moments when my feet hardened, I could hardly breathe and I felt like I could not walk any further. Everything I wanted was to catch a flight to go back home. However, whenever I wanted to give up, there were always friends standing by my side, waiting for me, holding my hands and saying: “Come on! Go, girl! You can do it, you can do it, girl.” So I would say that the trip was more than just a trip. It was the journey of overcoming and extending ourselves, of caring and loving, of experiencing little cute things to understand the value of friendship.

During the trip, we had some stops to take a break, each of which remained in our mind with different memories: playing a game that a pair of participants had to solve the problem with a rope stuck, which the more people tried, the more stuck the rope got; getting to know the Israeli map of topography with corresponding precipitation of the areas illustrated by the height of 4 EMIS people: Tal the shortest and super adorable girl presented the coast region, Nathan the nice and funny guy demonstrated the Shfela (between coast and Jerusalem hills), David Y the tallest guy at EMIS illustrated the Jerusalem hills and Karma the other shortest and super energetic girl of EMIS represented the arid desert area.


One highlight of the journey must have been the activity after lunch when we walked in pairs, with one person blind-folded who walked in the desert with the other person who lead them as a guide. It brought us closer, gave us chances to feel love and the care in the air with sweet reassurances from our partner like “Be careful! It is a big rock… Don’t worry, I’m here I’m here. I am not going to let you fall down” etc and taught us the lessons of trust, of appreciating life more when we wake up every morning and we can see the sun, see our faces and other beautiful faces around us. Additionally, thanks to the activity, EMISers came up with many interesting ideas: “What about a “blind day” at EMIS?” (Gebri Mishtaku – EMIS’17).

After the activity, we continued our journey to get to the top of the mountain and discover the beauty of nature and the inner strength of us. It was also the time we faced the most challenging part of the trip: climbing the high mountain.

“What if I fall?”

Oh my darling but what if you fly?”

The far-away sound of this quote constantly appeared in my mind during the time of climbing. And when we arrived at the top of the mountain, a spectacular sight of nature came up to my eyes: we were on the top of the mountains with the Dead Sea in front of us and Jordan right next to us. Everyone seemed to want to shout out the song:

“‘Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay
I’m on top of the world, ‘ay
Waiting on this for a while now
Paying my dues to the dirt
I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay
Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay”

(On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons)


We finished the hiking journey at around 3:30PM, saying goodbye to the nature and heading back to our home sweet home – EMIS ! EMIS ! EMIS !

After all, there were laughs and happiness. There were sweats, exhaustions and even sickness from the trip. However, even so, I am willing to come down with a cold if I were to take the trip again because:

“Youth is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again”.

The trip with those siblings from different mothers will always be a vital part of my youth.

And now, let’s countdown to our next trip – tents trip with the big whole family of EMIS.

Written by Linh Ha

Edited by Hannah Cook


(Information about the topography map activity from Ameen Haj Yahia).

Photo credits to Caterina Barbi and Maia Azikri


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