Literally Green Energy

Welcome, welcome today to the new category of BlogEMIS, social entrepreneurship! What? You have never heard this term? Don’t worry. Nobody was born knowing it, and that’s precisely why you should keep on reading this. Social entrepreneurship is defined as… you thought I was going to give a dictionary definition? No! We can figure out... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving in Israel

Please follow the link below to view the interactive map that I made about my adventure of celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel with a group of American friends from EMIS! -Hannah Cook P.S. Inspiration credit for creating a story map goes to Aina de Lapparent

Mountain Hermon

As you might know, Israel is not the coldest country in the world so if you are looking for freezing weather and a lot of snow, this is certainly not the place. Yet, you can still find snow in Israel if you know where to look – and the place you should be looking at is... Continue Reading →

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

A few weeks ago we ventured, as it is costumed to do in Thursday afternoons, in Tel Aviv. Instead of aimless wander through the eclectic city, we embarked in a quiet time travel between the white walls of the Israel Museum of Modern Art.   The collection there is quite impressive and includes a large... Continue Reading →


Each Moment here Is an opportunity to See and appreciate the Mediterranean in the distance and live new adventures in a country called Israel, a very Special place where I am going to live the next 2 years of my life. During the time here I realized again the power of diversity in creating Valuable... Continue Reading →

Healthcare Initiative Brings Hope to Nepal

Swekshya Neupane was the winner of this year’s YouthTime Global Forum with her project titled “Health for Women Community Leaders in Nepal”. This ambitious, young woman recently graduated from medical school in Nepal and has decided to use her skills to better the health of many throughout the disaster struck region. Since the devastating earthquakes,... Continue Reading →

The 2015 YouthTime Global Forum; a Platform for Youth Empowerment and Social Innovation

Four days, an abundance of fresh ideas, a cohort of socially motivated young people, a panel of experts and a bundle of generous awards. These are the ingredients forming the base of the YouthTime Global Forum that took place in Spain from the 28th-31st this October. The YouthTime Global Forum was an event organised by... Continue Reading →

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