YOCOPAS Interview with Two Israeli Guests from the EcoPeace Organization

Hi. What are your names? Who did you come with?

I’m Daniel, I’m from Jerusalem. Ehh… I’m Alon. From Jerusalem too. We both came with EcoPeace. EcoPeace is an organization that takes the environment as a call for peace.

Why did you guys want to come to the conference?

Daniel: After I heard the information about the conference, it sounded like something I would really love, so I decided to come and see it.

How did you first get involved in EcoPeace?

 Alon: We take a geography class in school, and there was a lecture about the water problem in Israel and the other countries surrounding it. I decided to join the EcoPeace organization and now I work on a project called “water and good neighbors” with students from Jordan and the West Bank.

Daniel: It is important to talk with the other side, and I was in Jordan and met with the other people. It was really cool working on a project, exchanging ideas with our neighbors, trying to work together and cooperate.

How important do you think it is to reach ecological solutions within the conflict?

Alon: I think it’s really important. The boundaries of the countries exist only in our minds. The water, however, does not know these boundaries. Actually, we need to take care of the environment more than our land or our country.

Do you think that using these natural resources towards peace will actually bring more peace, or create more problems?

Alon: That’s exactly the point. I think that by sharing the resources we will learn how not to fight about them. That’s the whole meaning of EcoPeace. Ecological Peace.

Daniel: We take the ecological problems, which are important to everyone, and let them connect us in working towards peace.

Thank you very much!

Interview by Hannah Cook and Carlos Sevilla

Written by Hannah Cook



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