Interview with Niv Bahr

Niv Bahr is an individual who highly values nature. He graduated from the United World Colleges in Mostar and nowadays works as a group guide at the Eastern Mediterranean International School. In his free time, Niv Bahr can be found hiking somewhere in the world or playing one of his favorite musical instruments: lira. One of his life goals is to use nature as a tool to educate the young generation. He accepted my invitation to talk about his workshop at YOCOPAS.

Reporter: First of all, I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview. I checked the descriptions of the workshops, and I have noticed you are leading one of them. May you please tell more about it?

Niv Bahr: I am leading the workshop called “Light Up your Faya”; the whole purpose of this workshop is to show youth how easily and quickly we can create teamwork even without many resources, preparation in advance and also with very short limited amount of time. By giving the participants the task of creating a bonfire, they can create a good team connection and work.

R: Could you please expand on the idea of creating a bonfire? Why a bonfire?

N.B.: The bonfire is a very simple and primitive technology. It is maybe the first technology that really enhanced us from just one more mammal to the top of the chain. The bonfire concept came from my love and passion for nature, to the very simple things that we have in life. And from there, I derived the workshop, the course of action, and everything I do in life basically.

R.: How do you think this activity how can help the students?

N.B.: On a personal level, I think that the participants will very instantly engage themselves in setting up a common goal. It might be a private or a collective goal. In this workshop, they are part of a group, so it is a collective goal. But it is also personal because they are connected to the group as individuals.

R: What are the participants expected to experience during this experience?

N.B.: Throughout the work, participants will also get to experience themselves on an emotional level. Issues such as what they feel as being part of a group, if they are taking any active position in this group, and how much perseverance they show to overcome obstacles will be emphasized. It is also important to see if the person is able to collaborate with others, to evaluate their own work and others’ work. Within these 2 and half hours, they get a taste from different aspects of group functioning.

R.: What is the main message that you want to deliver by the end of this workshop to your audience?

N.B.: The main message… it does not take much material, it does not take much effort, it does not take much of thinking. The bottom line is that, whenever we want something, we simply need to acknowledge it, say it out loud, and walk forward in order to achieve it. And it starts with each one of us, and once we all gather together, we can create magic!

R.: How did your studies in UWC Mostar shape you?

N.B.: UWC Mostar gave me the taste of multiculturalism and diversity. It brought me to a place where everybody was equal; we were all the same: Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindu. From there, I got the idea of doing something in a diverse group.

R.: It stands out to me that you are a person who seems to be very connected to nature. What does nature mean to you? Why does it seem to be so important to you?

N.B.: Holism. That’s the common ground. In nature, it doesn’t matter if you talk Hebrew or Spanish, if you are coming from Brazil or from Ecuador. You are a person, you are a human being. And all human beings in the platform of nature act the same, more or less. We all have the same needs, we all have the same thrives, we all have the same fears. We all have more or less the same advantages and disadvantages. Only when we acknowledge the influence that nature has upon us, what it can give to us and how it can be used in our favor,the very simple things in life can be achieved. And I believe that from there we can start acting. Only then we can think how, in modern times, we can start to act for anything. For family, for friends, for career, etc.

R.: Finally, what do you expect from YOCOPAS?

N.B.: I expect YOCOPAS to produce a great product. It is not a product that we see physically, such as a bench, a table lamp or a building. It is a simple product: the common understanding that we have something in common and we all have different ideas and goals. Now, it is just a matter of how I and you can give out to make this idea happen.

R.: Thank you very much for your time. I wish you the best in your workshop and in your future projects as well.

If you want to know more information about Niv Bahr’s Workshop, check the information below, retrieved from the YOCOPAS website.


“#10. Light-Up your Faya!- Niv Bahr


09:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Groups are incalculably important in the life of every human being. Skills in group participation are vital to all of us. The quality of our lives depends upon the effectiveness of the groups to which we belong, and this effectiveness is largely determined by our personal group skills and knowledge of group processes.

In the ‘Light-Up your FAYA!’ workshop we aim to facilitate teamwork from scratch.

We take a random group of people, engage them with a common goal and use this to encourage them to create a functioning team in just a short period of time. With the method of primitively setting-up a bonfire, the participants naturally face several key concepts in group functional mechanism; goals, communication, active/passive participation, approaches to leadership, decision making procedures, controversy and conflict, problem solving, interpersonal effectiveness, innovation and evaluation.”

Written by Rodrigo Ferreira

Edited by Maria Tirnovanu


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