Interview with one of the finalists of the Creative Writing Competition

Carola Bertone – Italy

Hello Carola! First of all congratulations! I know that you are a journalist for the United Youth Journalists, but today your role is to answer some questions I have for you.

Tell me about yourself.

I am Carola Bertone, 18 years old from Italy. Last summer, I joined the Arava Valley of Peace Program, which took place here in Israel. My curiosity about new countries and other cultures influence me as a young teenager, eager about the world. I like reading books about what happens around me and watching documentaries to keep myself updated. I have the opportunity to travel and to see other places that can help myself to grow as a person and meet other people with different views on the world, which can have an impact on myself.

What did you find interesting in Yocopas?

I enjoyed the talks with female entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. What I appreciated was the message that they wanted to send: no gender differences. Women can do the same things as men, even be better. You need passion to pursue what you want to achieve.

How did you hear about Yocopas?

I was invited by the EMIS Creative Writing Club to join the conference, as I took part in the creative writing competition. I was told to be among the finalists. Then, I read about the conference on the website, and I realized that it will be interesting for me.

What is Creative Writing to you?

Writing is a way of expressing yourself. You can give a message to others, what matter are words, not voices.

One of the subjects of the Creative Writing Competition was peace. Tell me one way in which we can achieve peace.

Raising new generations with the idea that being diverse is something positive and not a reason to make war.

If you had to describe your experience at YOCOPAS with one word, what would it be?


Tell me something, you will remember about EMIS.

It is hard to choose something special to remember because I will remember different moments during these two days. When I arrived at 11 pm, I found that everybody was very friendly and I understood that I would feel like at home.

Thank you so much for your time.


written by Danilo Angulo Molina


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