YOCOPAS Interview with Lucy Aharish

What made you decide to come to YOCOPAS? Is it because of our school’s mission?

Your school mission and the fact that there are students here from all over the world, a mix of societies, who are here to exchange ideas.

You are the only “distinguished guest” here who holds a profession in journalism. What do you think it takes to be a good journalist?

To to be fair. Each and everyone is coming with his ideas, the way that he is looking at the world and his perspective, but the most important thing is to be fair, and to always think and always to know how to ask what the other side wants you to ask, to be the devil advocate. To think always, not only about your own perspective but also about the perspective of the other side.

When was the point in your life you knew you wanted to be a journalist?

I wanted to be an actress, and basically my father told me ‘you won’t get any money from this’. So I went to study political science and journalism.

What have been your greatest struggles as an Arab-Israeli broadcaster on Israeli tv?

I think in my job, in my profession, like the way that I’m working and how I’m working, I didn’t get to experience anything that’s hard. The hard things that I experienced came from the society. The lack of fairness in the society, the lack of ability to see the other side, and to know that there is another side, to know that there is somebody else who is listening to you, somebody else who is part in your society. The problems and obstacles that I have faced have been connected to work but not directly.  Most of the hard things that I have faced are basically coming from the society, not from the work. The work, I love being a journalist, for me it’s a privilege being a journalist.

What’s the most special event or thing you ever got to do because you are a journalist?

Meeting Hilary Clinton, meeting Dr. Gershowtiz, meeting the former president of Brazil. Meeting amazing, amazing, amazing people. Oh, and being in Azerbaijan, that’s a place that I never ever, ever thought I would be, and I went there just to do some reports.

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure!

Interview and write-up by Hannah Cook

Photo from: timesofisrael.com


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