The story of an almost home away from home

There’s a certain beauty about words that cannot be translated into other languages. They swell and burst with meaning, moving and shifting as constellations in the mind. Their beauty granted by their mystery, these words are our white whales. Like Tantalus in his everlasting pursuit for the unreachable, we grope at the meanings of these... Continue Reading →


Interview with Liri

What did you imagine EMIS to be like before you came and what do you think now? How has your opinion changed? I knew I was going to come here in April when I was in Norway. I don’t think I really thought through how EMIS is going to be like. I was so absorbed... Continue Reading →

Is success directly connected to the working conditions?

Two thousand fifteen was the year replete with various sport events. Among all these events, tennis saw total domination established; Novak Djokovic (Serbia) won almost every important tournament, and consequently had the best year of his career. This domination can be observed just by looking in the official tennis ranking (ATP) list, where the total... Continue Reading →

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