Interview with Ella

How would you describe your role at EMIS? Last year and this year?
It is quite hard for me, a definition of my work. By title I am a houseparent and CAS coordinator assistant but I personally came here to live this place, live it to the fullest. I try to think big, so I help wherever needed. I am just here.

How do you think your image has changed? How do you view EMIS now?
I don’t have a very specific image of EMIS. EMIS can be everything. EMIS is what the people make it to be. Students after all they come and go, and, therefore, there must not be one image of EMIS. It is shaping itself every year, every half a year, every term actually.

What was your main goal while being here? Did you reach it? Are you happy/satisfied with the outcome?
In my interview Ben asked me what I could bring to EMIS and I told him: “ I don’t know yet. I need to see the place, the people present in order to understand what I can bring. Also, the thing is, it is not what I can bring. It is what you want this place to be and how I can help you to make it happen.

So maybe a few happy moments you want to share?
Then any funny conversation I had during connect time or the moments I sang with people or dance with people in the club or somewhere around the campus. The happy moments are when I could just be me.

Did you experience any turning point in your experience? Between last year and this year
It is just that this year I had more time and I could establish myself here. It is just a matter of time, not role.

Use 5 words to describe your EMIS experience.

Could you see yourself as an EMIS student? How do you feel about the EMIS students and community?
I guess I could be here in a parallel world. I think the student body has a huge potential. We have here amazing people, super interesting people, and not in small percentages. Everyone is a person, a character. I wish for the EMIS community to bond more, to get closer.

Please give some advice to EMISers
Be proactive and think big. Love the people around you. Make the best out of yourself and this experience! It is short, but worthwhile.

Please give some advice to a future IB DP candidate
Believe you are excellent and try to do your best, because it is the finals after all. Yet, be aware of the pressure you feel and don’t push yourself over your own limit. Do something that makes you smile every day you have an exam.

Please give some advice to a future volunteer
Bring lots of love and be creative. Listen as much as you talk, mix your personality into the job, and know it is fine if you don’t always have the best answer.

Keep balance, this is for everyone.

Can you tell me about a lesson EMIS has taught you or you learned at EMIS?
Community, group, or a team are significant things and I wish for every person to have a successful group of themselves. I’ve seen groups forming themselves when they need it, when one person needed a group. It made everything better.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
All over the world. Really I want everything for myself. I consider being a surgeon; I considered establishing an orphanage. I considered traveling around the world until I find something that I love, and then stay there. I can see myself anywhere, I just haven’t chosen yet where I want to be.

How would you like to be remembered?
As who I am. I try to be a positive, loving, and active person. I hope it works.

Ask yourself a question related to EMIS and answer it.
The question I have consistently asked is, “Why am I staying?”. I guess I feel it is the only right place for me to be right now.

If you knew this was going to be your last conversation with any EMISER, is there anything you’ve never told us that you want to share, everyone to know and do?
I wish I could just, if it was my last conversation, which it is definitely not, I wish I could pass all of my excitement and appreciation towards this place to this person so they can do something with it as well. I really truly think that you are the center. The student body, you make this place. This place belongs to you. The staff members are here to assist you. But it is not only me and it is not only you. It is the connection that we manage to form that makes it happen, that makes it worth it, that makes us feel good here. Maybe that is what I would tell an EMISer. Two years are considered as a limited period, but actually you continue carry it within you- your moments here are significant for you in the present and stay with you in the long run, in your memory, in your soul and in your personality. Hence, the EMIS experience becomes something limitless! You could come back to it at any given moment in the future, so when it is hard, try to think how lovely it would be to tell about this adventure in 10 years.

I am thankful for my time here. Just know that you gave me at least as much as I gave you if not more. I guess I was only a mirror of you. And I will miss this place a lot. 🙂


*Photographer: Shy Zvouloun

Interviewee: Ella Bitov

Interviewer: Anna-Sophie Kraeftner

Transcription: Anna-Sophie Kraeftner & Emily Perotti


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