Home is where your heart is.

“Home is where your heart is” -Gaius Plinius.

A very famous phrase I have heard in recent years, which is very wise. Home is the place where we were born and raised throughout our lives, where our heart is. Although my heart is in the place when I was born and grew up, it is also somewhere else that marked my life, where I lived unforgettable moments that I will never forget. As you travel to special places, special moments in these places become a part of you.

And that is what happened with this place. After this year, I realize that this place is part of me; my heart is here. A week ago I had the opportunity to travel outside of Israel for a week where I experienced one of the best weeks of my life, representing my country. When I was on the flight back and saw the Mediterranean coast near Tel Aviv, I smiled, knowing that I had come home. I knew that I was arriving back to the place in which I had been living for almost a year, to that place where I have lived great experiences, to that place where I have been happy, sad, stressed, excited and a lot of other feelings, to that place where I have met great people, to that place in which I have learned a lot about myself and about many things that have made me grow as a person. I had arrived to that place has shaped me in some way. I had arrived at one of the places where my heart is; I was arriving here. When I was at the airport and I heard the language, and read a bit again, I realized that I was back, this time to end the year.

Indeed this place is part of me. It is my home, and I know that the goodbye will be sad, but that is life. Everyone will take a different direction. Everyone will go to different places, and these will also provide us something special, which will also be a part of us, a part of where our heart is. Because life is so; as you experience amazing things in places, these places will always become your homes even if you do not live there anymore. These will always be your homes, because home is not just a place. Home represents several places; home is where you feel that your heart is.

Written by: Danilo José Angulo Molina
Edited by: Shy Zvouloun



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