Open Mic Magic

Sometimes there are magical moments, and last Saturday was one of those. When the sun goes down and darkness falls upon the place. And, with the night by our side, a microphone is turned on. Suddenly, eyes open, ears open, souls open…

“I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat ’cause
You’re gonna sing the words wrong”.

Those lyrics were right. We would sing the words wrong and it was simply beautiful. Time had stopped running to let us celebrate our accents within melodies. The good vibes spread to one other in the velocity of sound, and that introverted girl who used to be silent was then on stage shining. And all the others were giving her the light to do so. Beautiful voices in Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese among others were keeping us together over improvised blankets on the grass.  We did not need anything else, just each other’s company.  The feeling of togetherness and coziness made it an endearing moment.

It was not about the best performance, nor the best voice, but the greatest people. It was a moment created by us, for us. The feeling of belonging somewhere, of having a shoulder to rely on, and guaranteed applause no matter the failure.

Because that is what our community is based on. Sometimes we just need to gather around a microphone to see the magic that unites us. At a certain moment the performances stop and the stage diminishes into few wooden planks, but the magic is still there. Shining whenever we get to be together.

Written by: Natalia Juzgado
Edited by: Shy Zvouloun
Photographs by: Andres Oliva Lozano


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