Dear DP2’s

"For some of us you became like a family, which we could always count on and now it is our turn to be here for you."


EMIS influenza

When, under the cover of the night, you walk to your room, ready to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus and embrace your pillow, the worst thing that can happen to you is hearing a noise, or better, the noise; your roommate snoring, that poor, lovely, roommate that fell sick and is incurably sneezing... Continue Reading →

Sleep Awareness

How much did you sleep last night? Five hours? Four? Three? Probably not enough. Most days people don’t sleep enough at EMIS. Most days it feels like the IB takes over our sleep. However, we need sleep to survive, specifically to survive the IB and the busy lives that we lead here. The effects that... Continue Reading →

10 Tips to survive at EMIS

Try to do your homework. This is the best way for you to keep up with your classes and stay prepared for tests. The IB requires hard work; you have to do your best and then you’ll see the results. Don’t procrastinate. IB students are known for being the kings and queens of procrastination. There’s... Continue Reading →

Animal Consumption Column

I know what you're all thinking after reading the title of this article: "Agh, yet another righteous herbivore trying to push their outrageous views on us." I chose to write this article not to force my opinions on you or to bombard you with all this controversial information, but to share with you another side... Continue Reading →

Room Hacks

"Want to know how to make your life easier and more organised at EMIS? These fun life hacks will help you survive boarding school life a little easier. This list includes hacks for your room, cleaning, food, and other general EMIS hacks that are helpful for everyday life."

Purim in EMIS

Purim is a holiday celebrated all around Israel and by many Jews around the world. It is a celebration of how the Jews were saved from being killed by Haman in the old Persian Empire. The holiday is known for celebrations and candies, as well as dressing up in costumes and wearing masks. Despite the... Continue Reading →

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