Room Hacks

Want to know how to make your life easier and more organised at EMIS? These fun life hacks will help you survive boarding school life a little easier. This list includes hacks for your room, cleaning, food, and other general EMIS hacks that are helpful for everyday life.


  1. For those who have way too much stuff for the amount of storage space that we have in our rooms (especially DP1s):

dorm 1

Use the door of your closet to hang a shoe holder (using a stick on hooks) where you can put small things that you never know where to place. For example, use it to store food, beauty product or any other things that you use often and want to access easily.

Otherwise, use stick on hooks to hang up towels so they can dry without smelling bad.

For things that you don’t use often (seasonal clothes, extra towels, shoes, etc) use your suitcase to store these things under your bed.


  1. For those who can can never find their things or like to have their things in order:  

dorm 2

To keep your stationary in order, get a small/medium sized box and place used toilet paper rolls cut to be the size of the box inside . Place pens and stationery inside for easy access. To make it look nicer, use coloured paper or newspapers and glue them onto the box for some colour.

Use either coloured tape or permanent marker to label and personalise your chargers and earphones that always go missing and look the same as other peoples – especially your roommates.


  1. For those who want to make their room feel more like home:

dorm 3

Wrap fairy lights around your bunk bed to create a nice ambiance and tumblr feeling. Another option is to stick pegs in the wall and use them to hang the fairy lights.

You can also use the pegs to hang up pictures of your friends or posters.

Use bluetack to put up pictures, schedules, quotes, study notes, or any other poster-type thing.


  1. For those of you who need to up their cleaning game:

Use bleach to get out the disgusting black dirt decaying between the tiles in your bathroom. Just pour a small amount on the black lines and it will start to sizzle. If you want it really white, then take an old dishwashing sponge and scrub the grime off. Make sure to use gloves so you don’t touch the product.

Make a cleaning schedule for the room where a different person is responsible for keeping the room tidy, taking out the trash (if full), sweeping the room, and making sure there’s toilet paper in the bathroom each day.


  1. For those of you (all of us) who love food and lack it:

Turns out, dish-washing duties actually aren’t that bad. Why? Because you get free food and milk afterwards – you simply just have to ask! P.S, for those who like soy milk, you can request it too.

Use the panini maker to toast the vending machine cinnamon buns. Go try it!

Speaking of vending-machines, if you see that something is about to fall, shake the vending machine and voila free food.

Be nice to the Palestinians; food is cheap there and we recommend asking them to buy you necessary goods (noodles – our favourite).

In the dining hall on fish days, use the lemons/limes and squeeze them into the sparkling soda water. Then, add sugar and you’ve got lemon soda!

To make orange juice, grab a handful of oranges and cut them in half. Scape them along the side of your cup and there you go. Or use your hands and squeeze, if you don’t want to try this cool trick.

Always keep food hidden away, for those days that you don’t want to clean, need help with homework, or any other bribery use.


Written by: Maya Shina and Isabella Akesson



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