10 Tips to survive at EMIS

Try to do your homework. This is the best way for you to keep up with your classes and stay prepared for tests. The IB requires hard work; you have to do your best and then you’ll see the results.

Don’t procrastinate. IB students are known for being the kings and queens of procrastination. There’s nothing wrong with doing it once in a while, but try not to do it so often that you have to write your Extended Essay overnight.

Sleep and nutrition.  Plan your studying and assignments ahead of time.The latest you should sleep at is 11pm. I realize how hard it is, but try to make your body as healthy as you can. You also need a minimum of 3 meals a day to remain healthy and keep your energy high and your mood good while doing your best at school.

Try not to freak out. Remember, there is more to life than the IB — lack of human contact due to IB can result in your feeling socially isolated. Relax and have some sort of social life,  it’s great to talk with people.

Keep an agenda or calendar.   By doing this you can keep track of those deadlines and set your own deadlines for big projects. If you have an IA due two months from now, write that down and try to make little goals along the way. This may help you feel less overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

Make time to socialize. People skills are important! Plus EMIS students are so nice you can make fast friendships to keep you alive for the next two years.

Limit tea and coffee. These drinks are sometimes good but remember, caffeine is not your friend. According to calm clinic website caffeine is considered to cause anxiety but Instead, opt for other drinks like juice. You can always find EMIS students in the club making it!

Try to keep your notes organised. This is really really important. Keep your notes organised and in one place so  you don’t have to scramble to find all of your notes when you have an exam.

Don’t postpone studying for exams. Don’t study for your exam the day before. Try to manage your time and prepare for it several days in advance.

Don’t stress too much; have fun. These two years can be some great years if you let them be, and even if you find yourself stressed, if you follow some of these tips hopefully you can enjoy your high school years.

Written by: Samar Qasasfeh


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