10 things you should know about EMIS

EMIS offers a family atmosphere. EMIS students become your second family. At EMIS you will find a family of friend who help, care and support each others.

The CLUB is where we meet. If you’re feeling hungry you might look for food in the club, which you may or may not find (usually not).  But,you can always find your friends there instead and enjoy the moment.

COFFEE AND TEA ARE COMMON AT EMIS. Wherever you go you have to see someone drinking coffee or tea.

Sweatpants are mostly seen in morning classes. Sleeping late is one of the most common things you will encounter at EMIS, and sometimes you won’t hear your alarm. If this happens, sweatpants and a baggy shirt are always there for you!

Students tend to ignore the dress code. EMIS students wear flip flops almost everywhere they go, Israel tends to be very warm year-round so they’re always a go-to, however it’s against the dress code.

Whenever you feel down, someone will be there for you. We are a family and it’s hard to hide your feelings. You will always find someone who cares about you and supports you.

We have student meetings. Because we care, love and support each other, we hold these meetings to discuss the difficulties we may face, and to help each other figure out what is best for the EMIS community.

We are international students with international minds! At EMIS you can find all types of views, minds and traditions. Each nationality has its own perfect atmosphere that is always shared with others.

Predominantly, students are found in the Charney Center or in the classrooms! It’s the IB! Studying hard is so important and it’s everyone’s main goal, and so these two places are the most common sites you can find EMIS students in.

Everyone gets involved in the weekly activities! Sometimes we have activities, which are mostly held during the big shabbats. They are sort of entertainment for us. IB is rough, and so the boarding staff take this into consideration.

Written by: Samar Qasasfeh


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