EMIS influenza

When, under the cover of the night, you walk to your room, ready to abandon yourself in the arms of Morpheus and embrace your pillow, the worst thing that can happen to you is hearing a noise, or better, the noise; your roommate snoring, that poor, lovely, roommate that fell sick and is incurably sneezing all over the place, leaving traces of her disease in the room and dictating to the other roommate their own obituary.

At that specific moment, you know you are cursed.

There is no escape.

Brace yourself: the cold is coming.

After all, what were you expecting? We live in a boarding school, which for viruses and bacteria is like an amusement park. You know how fun it is to go on a rollercoaster? Yay! Up the nose, down the trachea and boom! Dancing in the lungs! How fun!

Well, after all, our school does promote understanding and peace. Then, the only approach you can actually take is the one to understand that if you keep making out and sleeping around -sorry, wrong sentence. Then, the only approach you can actually take is the one of understanding the poor germs and living with them in peace, because, my dear, Keren will not excuse you from school if you’re sneezing or you have been temporarily muted by a cold (although, I am sure, your roommates do appreciate that latter cold).

Diving deep into science, influenza is an infectious disease caused by a virus, with a symptomatology composed of a runny nose, cough, sore throat, flu and muscle pain, as well as a sense of tiredness and, sometimes, nausea and vomit. Influenza is one of the most widespread diseases around the world, causing, from time to time, pandemics. As with every other damn virus, the influenza virus needs living cells to thrive, and consequently, it tucks itself in your cells and replicates along with them. How devilish?!

Now, you will admit, we do make a big deal out of influenza and colds, but let’s be brutally honest. The only thing we are all waiting for is to escape that specific class, because you know it, as do we all, it is way more comfortable to sleep in your own bed.

Written by: Caterina Barbi


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