Dear DP2’s

Dear DP2s,

Thank you. Thank you for being my second years. Thank you for being an inspiration for us. For being the people I look up to. Thank you for doing everything that you have done and continue doing for us firsties. From orientation week, to study sessions, to small or bigger pieces of advice that you have continued to share with us throughout the year. These are just a few among many of the things that you have done for us. There are endless beautiful moments that we have shared with you since the first day here at EMIS and I cannot and don’t want to imagine this place without you. We will carry these moments deep in our hearts and remember them, when the longing for you will take over.

We firsties appreciate everything you do for us, and we are so grateful for having you. And I really mean it. Even just knowing that you are there for us if we need anything is enough, no, more than enough.


When this article is published some of you will already have written your first exam, you will have started this exam period that you feel may never end. For some of us you became like a family, which we could always count on and now it is our turn to be here for you, so please do not hesitate to come to us. We are here for you whenever you need us. If you want to get away from your stressed classmates, or just want to talk to someone, get a hug, or a piece of chocolate, we are here.


I and all other Dp1s want to wish you all the best of luck. We are sure that what you are going through is stressful, hard, scary and so many other things but we know that you can do this. You are capable of so much more than this, just keep working hard and giving it your best and you will soon be done with it. You are so close to the end. And then you can laugh at us firsties who still have a year left of IB and celebrate with us.

Lots of love,

Isabella on behalf of  DP1s



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