Science Week

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when being in an international school filled with projects, one would start at some point to judge that project just by the name. And in the life of too preoccupied boarding-school teenagers, a nice change of perspective never hurts.

What started off as a 10:30 am lecture on a Sunday morning, soon developed to be one of the highlights of the week before the Spring break. The students participated in a range of workshops that intertwined biology, physics and chemistry to create what is considered, “the best part of science”. From water bottle rockets launch to the dry ice experiment and molecular gastronomy, there were simple and yet awe-inspiring moments that sucked out the routine of the week and prepared everyone for the upcoming break.

On the first day, most of the students got introduced to a part of chemistry and biology called “molecular gastronomy” and there they learnt how to prepare ravioli and caviar out of simple ingredients such as a fruit yogurt. There was also a short presentation that followed the beginning of the workshop to explain what was going to take place.

Although it seemed as the beginning of a tiring week with workshops popping out everywhere, things started to improve and exceeded a lot of expectations. On the second day, the chemistry students helped by creating an interesting activity about materials with a treasure hunt that was supported by creative posters and a QR code application. After the treasure hunt, an hour lecture was needed to show the true power of science and what their unification can achieve. And as the Science week came to its third and last day, in the midst of their second workshop, most of the students realized how what they study in the closed classrooms can be implemented to be entertaining and interesting even for the most skeptical people. One of the most interesting workshops that implemented this idea to almost every participant was the dry ice workshop, where the ice was put into a container filled with boiled water. The result of this experiment was creating giant white bubbles and white smoke that is used in creating special effects for video clips and movies. Who said that science couldn’t be interesting?

Strangely, what started as a long week, where everyone at EMIS was thinking about the holidays and packing to go home or travel, turned into a good week with interesting and fun activities even for the tired teachers who were running around to get to their workshops. It seemed that as this project came to its dusk, a new tradition of the school rose up to encourage participation and cease the curious minds of the youth.

Written  by: Junis Ekmekciu


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